Cycling is of specialisations: climbers, time trialists, sprinters… mine is mediocrity


After years of cycling, I, or rather my dentist, had noticed a progressive decline in my teeth. As a result, I made a Swiss dentist very rich. I’m a great believer in fueling training and also have an incredibly sweet tooth, meaning my teeth were taking a daily battering from sugar.

base products were conceived towards the end of a particularly dull and dreary 4h cycling slog through the Yorkshire Wolds*. After working my way through enough food to feed a family of four, I’d started to notice the characteristic “fuzzy teeth” feeling. I thought how useful it would be to have something to eat, drink, or use, which would “re-set” my teeth to a healthy state.

After many hours conducting on-bike experiments with willing volunteers (including some even longer, duller, and drearier rides through the Yorkshire Wolds), working prototypes were developed. base was born.

I use base now in all of my rides (of course!) and enjoy the feeling of having “clean” teeth after drinking endless amounts of sugary drinks. I find “fuzzy teeth” to be even worse in hot conditions, when combined with a dry mouth – not a nice feeling halfway up a long climb. base solves this and also tastes nice!

We’re a small, but ambitious, start-up based in Yorkshire and are in the process of scaling-up production after a successful initial run. Keep up to date with the news or contact me if you can’t find what you need!

Dave Diston – PhD

*I live in the Yorkshire Wolds, they’re not just my destination of choice for endurance rides…