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why should you use base?

Bringing a new class of products to market, the same question often comes up…”why should I use it?”

You should you base because:

  1. When drinking/eating sugary foods, your teeth are being attacked from the acid in the products, causing cavities, discoloration and bad breath. One pack of base neutralises acids directly in your mouth reducing the effect of acidic sports drinks and reduces the chance of dental damage.
  2. The bacteria naturally occurring on your teeth use the sugars as food to make more acid, causing even more damage to your teeth. One pack of base promotes the removal of the bacteria, meaning they’re not around to make acid and cause damage.
  3. You shouldn’t brush your teeth straight after finishing a workout – this will strip away the top layer of tooth enamel, causing damage. One pack of base restores your mouth to a healthy state, meaning you don’t need to brush straight after finishing a workout.
  4. They take the worry out of using high sugar sports nutrition. This means nothing stands in your way from fueling your session properly, leading to faster progress in your chosen sport.
  5. They promote recovery, allowing you to perform better in your next session …and they taste nice!